In the summer of 2007, Melissa Lauren Pool was just a regular girl with an ordinary life. She was a sophomore at a small, private college in the Midwest, and she was studying business administration. But on a hot, steamy summer day, Melissa's world changed forever. She was at the pool, swimming laps, when she saw him: the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He was tall, tan, and muscular, and he was staring at her with intense, magnetic eyes. She felt a sudden, irresistible urge to swim over to him and kiss him. She did, and they spent the rest of the day together, swimming, sunbathing, and kissing. Melissa couldn't believe her luck. She had finally found the man of her dreams. She was sure that they would be together forever. But fate was not on their side. The next day, Melissa saw the man walking down the street. It was clear that he didn't know her, and he seemed to be looking straight ahead. It was as if he hadn't seen her at all. Melissa felt a stab of disappointment and betrayal. She had been sure that they were meant to be together, but now it seemed like she had been Fooled all over again. Melissa decided to move on. She started dating other people, but she couldn't forget the man she had kissed at the pool. She thought about him constantly, wondering what had happened to him. She was sure that he must have gone back to his own life, but she couldn't stop wondering about him. Finally, in January of 2008, Melissa saw a news report about a devastating earthquake in Haiti. She recognized the man in the photograph as the same one she had kissed at the pool six years earlier. He had evidently been living in Haiti during the earthquake, and he had been killed in the destruction. Melissa was devastated. She had been sure that they were meant to be together, and now she knew that she would never see him again. But at least she could rest assured that he had died in a noble cause, helping his fellow Haitians.