Annabelle had always been fascinated by arm binders. She could never quite understand the appeal, but the craftsmanship and mystique of them always appealed to her. One day, she decided she wanted to learn how to make one. She found an arm binder class online and signed up. The class was intense. Annabelle was working on her own arm binder all the time, trying to perfect her technique. She was so focused on her work that she didn't even notice when the class was over. When she finally finished her arm binder, she couldn't believe how wonderful it looked. She proudly displayed it in her apartment, and people were always amazed by it. One day, a man named John came over to see her arm binder. He was a collector of arm binders, and he had heard about her masterpiece. He wanted to buy it from her, but Annabelle was reluctant to sell it. She loved her arm binder too much. But John was a stubborn man, and he wouldn't let her off easy. He kept hounding her until she eventually caved and sold him the arm binder. Annabelle was sad to see it go, but she was glad that she had been able to create such a beautiful piece of art.